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Advantages of hiring a local Kildare Accountant

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In a world that is growing increasingly connected through technology, remote working is quickly becoming the standard rather than the exception. With this huge shift in how we work the concept of hiring local may no longer seem so important.

After all, most communication will likely be conducted over the phone, via video chat or through email. These technologies – on a surface level at least – mean geography is no longer such as issue. Many accountancy companies have embraced this shift in how Ireland does business. Many firms, no longer have a physical office and instead complete consultations and meetings through online channels.

This embrace of the remote means that some individuals and businesses will never meet or even speak to their accountants in person. This would have been unheard of as little as 15 years ago but it emphasises the pace of change all industries have experienced. A rate of change that has been vastly accelerated due to the events of the last few years.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a remote accountancy service. Some individuals and business owners prefer the flexibility this arrangement offers. However, this approach isn’t for everyone. We believe there are huge advantages of hiring a local accountant, advantages that you just can’t get when using a remote service.


The importance of fostering long term professional relationships

As any successful business owner will tell you. A good accountant does much more than ensure a business is compliant with all tax and business regulations. A professional local accountant can often advise on how your business can develop and grow. The better an accountant knows your business the better they’ll be able to advise on the financial risks of growth or pursuing new markets. A long term relationship with a local accountant can also ensure that your financial affairs are in order allowing you – the business owner – to concentrate on running the business.


Ensuring you have the right Accountant

The business relationship between an accountancy firm and a business can last for years, even decades. Therefore it’s important to work with a company that shares your values and your approach to business. By dealing with a local accounting firm it’s much easier to develop this relationship. Also, it’s much more manageable to monitor how work is completed allowing for peace of mind.


Understanding of transitional times in your business

The key to success in any long-term business is an ability to adapt to changes in markets or indeed in your industry. An accountant who understands your business will likely be able to identify these transitional times and offer sound financial advice.



The above are only some of the advantages of hiring a local accountancy firm. As a long-standing Kildare accountant, Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants work closely with a variety of Kildare businesses. We prioritise long business relationships that allow us to have a robust understanding of a company’s finances allowing us to offer financial advice based on a business’s unique circumstances. To see how our Kildare accountants can assist your business, please get in contact with our team today.


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