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Accountant in Kildare

At Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants, we offer a wide range of accounting services for the Kildare area. Our team of professionals specialise in client-first accounting to address the needs of each individual client. We work with small and medium-sized companies, as well as businesses that are just starting, providing affordable accountancy services.


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Company Establishment and Compliance

Starting a new company is a difficult process, especially when you are someone who doesn’t fully understand all the accountancy jargon that is thrown around. This is why hiring our team here at Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants is a smart decision.

We will be able to help you set up your company by working with you to choose your company’s structure, creating the right business plan, and help with all financial planning. We work side-by-side with you, and any external consultants needed, in a cost-efficient manner.

Tax Accounting Services

If you are looking for a tax accountant in Kildare, Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants is here for you. Our team of tax accountants can help you with all of your tax concerns. We can look after the tax registration for your limited company, as well we can arrange for the registration of your business with the Revenue Commissioners.

Personal Accounting Services

Our Kildare accountant also offers personal accounting services ranging from basic accounts work to bookkeeping services. Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants will monitor your start-up, and give support consistently.

Accounting Advice

Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants is here to advise your business on all taxation concerns you may have. Our tax accountant in Kildare will help you with annual tax returns, and making sure your corporation tax returns are up to date and compliant with all guidelines.

We can discuss and advise on all aspects of your taxes including retirement and how to maximise your exit strategy with members solvent liquidations.


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FAQ About Our Accountant in Kildare Services

When should I hire an accountant?

If you are just starting out, or if you have had your business for a while, hiring an accountant in Kildare is a good idea for help with all your accounting needs. Hiring an accountant is better done earlier on as they can help with many different aspects, and even help you save money.

How much does a tax accountant in Kildare cost?

Here at Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants, we offer a free consultation for you have to pay anything. The price of our services all depend on what you need, however, we pride ourselves on offering professional, trust-worthy, and affordable services for every client.

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