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Accountancy Services

Company Set Up and Compliance

We arrange for company set up in a cost efficient manner. We engage external consultants, where necessary. We monitor the companies’ progress to enable them to get a sound footing and improve their business models. We complete annual returns including B1s with full submission

Tax Registration

We arrange for Tax registration for limited companies, from small to medium sized. We arrange registration with the Revenue Commissioners to regulate these businesses in a timely manner.

Advice on Business Taxation

We advise businesses on taxation from commencement through to established going concerns and exit strategies for retirement planning, etc. We provide annual Tax returns, Corporation Tax returns for companies to be up-to-date and compliant. We provide advice on all aspects of Capital Acquisitions Tax, Capital Gains Tax, VAT and PAYE/PRSI. This also includes discussions around retirement and of course members solvent liquidations to maximise the exit strategy.


For professional, straight forward and reliable accountancy services, book a consultation with Mulhern & Co Chartered Accountants today.

Personal Accounting

This includes bookkeeping services, basic accounts work, monitoring of start up’s and provision of support information on a consistent basis. And this includes family orientated accountancy services to same businesses.
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Personal Kildare Accountant

Personal accounting services can be a convenient tool for individuals and families who require assistance managing their financial affairs. Our Kildare accounting services can provide a wide range of services that can help you manage your financial affairs and keep track of your spending. Our team of accoutnants can help you manage your financial affairs in various ways.

We can help you keep track of your spending, help you manage your debts, and help you save money. Our accountants can also manage your insurance policies and help you with your investments.

Finally we can also assist in tax management. Personal accounting services can help you pay your taxes in many different ways. Including helping you deliver your taxes online, by phone, or by mail.

Accountancy Services FAQ

What accounting Services does Mulhern & Co. offer?

Our accounting firm provides various services, including bookkeeping, auditing, tax preparation, and consulting. We can also offer specialised services like estate planning.

What is the difference between an accountant and an accounting firm?

An accountant is an individual who is licensed to provide accounting services. An accounting firm is a business that employs accountants and other professionals to provide accounting services to clients. Hiring an accountant firm like Mulhern & Co. allows a business or an individual to take advantage of all the expertise within the firm.

Does Mulhern & Co. provide a bookkeeping service?

Yes, our accountants provide bookkeeping services. This may include maintaining financial records, preparing financial statements, and giving advice on financial matters.

Does Mulhern & Co. provide tax preparation services?

Yes, our accounting firm can provide tax preparation services. This may include preparing tax returns, advising on tax planning, estate planning, etc.

Does Mulhern & Co. provide tax preparation services?

Yes, Mulhern & Co. can provide tax preparation services. Including preparing tax returns, advising on tax planning, estate planning, etc.

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